Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem Play List 06/08/19: Featuring HORNS OF HATTIN on the META(L)SCOPE

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 6th August was as always on air from 6PM GMT for two hours on!

Listeners on mobile devices can choose to listen via the TotalRock player, or the TuneIn Radio app can be downloaded. The show is also repeated from 9AM every Friday and 2AM Sunday mornings.

The show featured the latest singles from EQUILIBRIUM, THE 69 EYES, HELLYEAH, WITCHWOOD, EVERFROST and WEDNESDAY 13.

As it was BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR week, there was also a selection of tracks from some bands performing at the festival this year such as METAL CHURCH, SOILWORK, DUST BOLT, EVIL SCARECROW, ROSS THE BOSS, DIMMU BORGIR and more!

The META(L)SCOPE  highlighted three tracks by Austrian extreme metallers HORNS OF HATTIN, from their album “De Veritate”. The full Play List will be available to listen to again here and can be seen below:

EQUILIBRIUM – Path Of Destiny

HELLYEAH – Welcome Home

THE 69 EYES – Cheyenna

SOILWORK – Arrival

METAL CHURCH – The Black Things

ANTHRAX – Madhouse (Live)

GRAND MAGUS – Northern Star

SOULFLY – Dead Behind The Eyes

KATAKLYSM – Outsider

WITCHWOOD – Handful Of Stars

DIMMU BORGIR – Chess With The Abyss

DUST BOLT – Dead Inside

WEDNESDAY 13 – Decompose

EVERFROST – Cold Night Remedy


HORNS OF HATTIN – Inquisitor


SATYRICON – The Pentagram Burns

EVIL SCARECROW – Skulls Of Our Enemies

ROSS THE BOSS – This Is Vengeance

FALLUJAH – Ultraviolet

SABATON – Attero Dominatus

SAXON – Denim And Leather

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