Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem 6th Anniversary Celebration Play List 11/12/18: With Special Guests From WOLF and POWER QUEST

BDMM 6th Anniversary 2018

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem has now been going for 7 years, but is celebrating its 6th birthday on http://www.totalrock.comTuesday 11th December was a very special edition of the show, starring some awesome guests – Niklas Stålvind, front man of WOLF and Steve Williams and George ‘The Kid’ Karafotis of POWER QUEST!

Also a few new singles were on the show from BEAST IN BLACK, NIGHTRAGE and BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN, as well as a few favourites for this birthday celebration!

The show is now available to listen to again here and you can see the full Play List below:

WOLF – Overture In C Shark

WOLF – Shark Attack

BEAST IN BLACK – Sweet True Lies

NIGHTRAGE – By Darkness Drawn

MOTÖRHEAD – Deaf Forever

TURISAS – Stand Up And Fight

WOLF – Full Moon Possession


 WOLF – Rocka Rolla

KATAKLYSM – And Then I Saw Blood

JUDAS PRIEST – Necromancer

WOLF – Speed On

POWER QUEST – Lords Of Tomorrow

BLACK SHEETS OF RAIN – Through The Storm

SAXON – Freeway Mad

POWER QUEST – No More Heroes


POWER QUEST – Coming Home

ACCEPT – Up To The Limit

AMORPHIS – Sacrifice


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