Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem Play List 26/09/17: Featuring SORROWS PATH On The META(L)SCOPE

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 26th September was on air from the usual time of 6PM GMT on

Greek doom metallers SORROWS PATH were featured on the META(L)SCOPE, with tracks from their brand new album “Touching Infinity”. New tracks were on the show from BELPHEGOR, F.K.Ü., SIFTING, ARTILLERY, GRINDER BLUES and more. Check out the full Play List below (soon available to listen to again here):

WHITESNAKE – Sweet Talker

F.K.Ü. – Nightmares In A Damaged Brain

KATAKLYSM – Blood On The Swans

MEGADETH – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

MEGADETH – Tornado Of Souls

MEGADETH – Rust In Peace…Polaris

IZEGRIM – Lost In Tranquillity

SIFTING – Not From Here

SOULS OF DIOTIMA – Fate And Destiny

DIO – Killing The Dragon

GIRLSCHOOL – Demolition Boys

BELPHEGOR – The Devil’s Son

WOLF – Rocka Rolla

JUDAS PRIEST – Electric Eye

ARTILLERY – When The Magic Is Gone


Metalscope 6PM

SORROWS PATH – Intro To Infinity

SORROWS PATH – Fantasies Will Never Die

SORROWS PATH – The Subconcious

SORROWS PATH – Touching Infinity

Sorrows Path Touching Infinity Cover Art

PRIMAL FEAR – In Metal We Trust

SYMPHONY X – The Sacrifice

GRINDER BLUES – Burn The Bridge

STEVE VAI – Greasy Kid’s Stuff

JUDAS PRIEST – Freewheel Burning

DREAM EVIL – Mean Machine


RED BEARD WALL – March In Time


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