Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem Play List 21/07/17: Starring Special Guests GUS G. And MANIMAL

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 21st February, was a special show starring FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE guitar maestro GUS G. and epic Swedish metallers MANIMAL!

I caught up with everyone recently, before their performances in Sheffield, as part of  the “Immortals” tour by Greek metallers FIREWIND. Featured on the show from 6PM GMT on was all the news from the road, plus tracks from “Immortals” and “Trapped In The Shadows” and more besides!

Also on the show were new singles from DIMMU BORGIR, IMMOLATION, IMMINENCE, THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM and EX DEO. Check out the full Play List below, which will be available to listen to again here.


FIREWIND – Ode To Leonidas

DIMMU BORGIR – Mourning Palace (Live)

IMMINENCE – Diamonds

FIREWIND – Lady Of 1000 Sorrows

FIREWIND – Immortals


FIREWIND – Warriors And Saints

IMMOLATION – Fostering The Divide

SEPULTURA – I Am The Enemy

HELLOWEEN – Battle’s Won

FIREWIND – Tyranny

FIREWIND – Circle Of Life


MANIMAL – Trapped In The Shadows

THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM – A Spoonful Of Darkness

ACCEPT – Losers And Winners

MANIMAL – Irresistible


MANIMAL – The Dark

EX DEO – Roman

BURNING POINT – Demon Inside Of You


MANIMAL – The Journey

DELAIN – Turn The Lights Out




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