Top 10 Albums Of 2016 Featured On Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem


2016 has been full of brilliant rock and metal album releases from so many bands! A great selection of new albums have been featured on Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem through the year, so from these I have compiled my ultimate favourites. They are all epic bands and artists in their own right, please take the time to check them out from the clips below if you haven’t heard any of them. It was difficult to choose only 10 as there’s been an abudance of brilliant new albums this year, but it had to be done! Also, many thanks to the staff at all the record and PR companies the show is associated with and of course, the bands!

Check out my Top 10 counting down to the number 1 position and see you on every Tuesday from 6PM GMT in 2017! \m/

10. TESTAMENT – “Brotherhood Of The Snake”

9. THE HAZYTONES – “The Hazytones”

8. MYRATH – “Legacy”


6. GLENN HUGHES – “Resonate”

5. ATTACKER – “Sins Of The World”

4. EVIL MASQUERADE – “The Outcast Hall Of Fame”



2. AVANTASIA – “Ghostlights”

1. WOLF HOFFMANN – “Headbangers Symphony”


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