Next Show 28/06/2016: “Headbangers Symphony” Special With Wolf Hoffmann

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 28th June from 6PM GMT on will be a “Headbangers Symphony” Special Show featuring my recent chat with the man behind the new solo album, Wolf Hoffmann!

“Headbangers Symphony” is set to be released on Friday 1st July via Nuclear Blast and on the show you can hear two brand new tracks from the album, don’t miss it! A little teaser from the interview, regarding the possibility of live shows:

There’s a good chance we actually do this. We definitely would love to do it and we’re just figuring out how and when and where this might ever happen.

New tracks coming up on the show from DENNER/SHERMANN, EQUILIBRIUM and SOILWORK, plus the META(L)SCOPE featuring DOMINICIDE.

Loads more coming up on the show, see you there!

This show will soon be available, as all past shows are, to Listen On Demand here or via Mixcloud here.


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