Play List 26/01/16: AVANTASIA Special Show Featuring TOBIAS SAMMET

This week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 26th January from 6PM GMT on was an AVANTASIA special, featuring creator, composer and main man Tobias Sammet!

Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA are set to unleash their seventh album “Ghostlights” to fans worldwide on 29th January via Nuclear Blast and it is the sequel to 2013’s “The Mystery Of Time”.

The META(L)SCOPE featured three tracks from MORTIIS, including new single ‘The Shining Lamp Of God’ from forthcoming album “The Great Deceiver”. Also on the show were great new singles from SABATON, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSECAIRO SON and more! Plus a couple of tracks dedicated to Jimmy Bain who passed away at the weekend. You can ‘Listen Again’ to this and past shows by accessing the DJ’s section on the TotalRock website, more info here.

AVANTASIA – Ghostlights *NEW*

SYMPHONY X – In My Darkest Hour


AVANTASIA – The Haunting *NEW*



AVANTASIA – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose


AVANTASIA – Master Of The Pendulum *NEW*

SABATON – Resist And Bite *NEW*

RAINBOW – Stargazer

CAIRO SON – Lion In A Cage *NEW*

Metalscope 6PM

MORTIIS – The Shining Lamp Of God *NEW*

MORTIIS – Scar Trek / Parasite God

MORTIIS – Spirit In A Vacuum

Mortiis The Shining Lamp Of God

INEFFABLE ACT – Ineffable Ghetto Orchestra *NEW*

JUDAS PRIEST – Nostradamus

KING DIAMOND – Moonlight

MOTÖRHEAD – God Save The Queen

LAST IN LINE – Devil In Me







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