Play List 19th January 2016: META(L)SCOPE Featuring THRASHFIRE

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 19th January from 6PM GMT on  featured Turkish thrashers THRASHFIRE, with three tracks from their new EP “Vengeance Of Fire”.

Also on the show, were new singles from RAGE, BURY TOMORROW, AVERSIONS CROWN, BEHOLDER, EXUMER, THE 69 EYES, KARYBDIS and more. Check out the full play list below and remember TotalRock now has the ‘Listen Again’ feature, read more details here.

RAGE – My Way *NEW*

AVANTASIA – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose

SOULFLY – Titans

SATYRICON – Our World It Rumbles Tonight

BATTLE BEAST – Hero’s Quest

BEHOLDER – Frozen Steps Of Utøya *NEW*

HELLOWEEN – Lost In America

DEATH DEALER – Liberty Or Death

TWISTED SISTER – The Fire Still Burns

THE 69 EYES – Jet Fighter Plane *NEW*


MEMORY GARDEN – Violate & Create

EXUMER – Sinister Souls *NEW*


TEXTURES – Illuminate The Trail *NEW*

Metalscope 6PM

THRASHFIRE – Vengeance Of Fire *NEW*

THRASHFIRE – Thrash Assassinations Of Rotten Streets *NEW*

THRASHFIRE – Chainsaw Metal *NEW*

Thrashfire Cover Art

ACCEPT – Wanna Be Free

ARTHEMIS – Scars On Scars

ANTHRAX – Breathing Lightning *NEW*

KARYBDIS – Rorschach *NEW*

ACT OF DEFIANCE – Refrain and Re-Fracture

ERADIKATOR – Mesmerised



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