Introducing ‘Listen Again’ On TotalRock

mixcloud logoMany people have often asked when they can listen again to a show as they have missed it. Now, in conjunction with the DJ’s Mixcloud accounts, there is a brand new facility on the TotalRock website called ‘Listen Again’. All you need to do is visit the site at and click on the ‘DJ’s‘ heading which is on the red bar and it will take you to this page showing all the DJ’s.

You will see a little white cloud symbol next to the DJ name, so for example, click on the cloud next to Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem and it will bring up a new window, just click ‘play’ and go! You can scroll through with the arrows to find different shows.

Of course all past shows are also on my Mixcloud account if you want more details for each one.


Happy listening!

2 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Listen Again’ On TotalRock

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