Special AMORPHIS Show Play List 08/09/15

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem, Tuesday 8th September on http://www.totalrock.com featured an interview with keyboard player Santeri Kallio from Finnish melancholic metal masters AMORPHIS, along with three tracks from their newly released 12th album “Under The Red Cloud.” The show is repeated each week on Saturdays from 4PM GMT. Check out the full play list:

1. CHILDREN OF BODOM – I Worship Chaos
2. AMORPHIS – Under The Red Cloud
3. AMORPHIS – Death Of A King


4. AMORPHIS – Sacrifice
5. GRAVEYARD – The Apple And The Tree
6. TAD MOROSE – Your Own Demise
7. ERADIKATOR – Man Behind The Mask
8. NAPALM DEATH – Bloodless Coup
9. W.A.S.P. – Last Runaway
10. METAL ALLEGIANCE (Feat. Phil Anselmo) – Dying Song
11. SOULFLY – Archangel
12. HEMI DEVILS – Electric Wine
13. HEMI DEVILS – Uncle Satan
14. HEMI DEVILS – Baptized In Gasoline
16. DEATH DEALER – Liberty Or Death
17. CATS IN SPACE – Mr Heartache
18. SOILWORK – Enemies In Fidelity
19. DREAM EVIL – Bang Your Head
20. SPEAKING THE KING’S – Motion Sickness
21. ICED EARTH – If I Could See You

Amorphis Show Poster


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