Play List 30/06/15: Featuring Interview With GUS G, META(L)SCOPE With HIGH ON FIRE

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on 30th June from 10am GMT on featured my recent interview with guitar maestro GUS G, mainly discussing his forthcoming second solo album “Brand New Revolution”.

New tracks included the new single ‘Burn’ by Gus, along with new tracks from SLAYER, ERADIKATOR, SYMPHONY X, FEAR FACTORY and STRAIGHT LINE STITCH plus much more. The META(L)SCOPE featured new tracks from HIGH ON FIRE‘s new album “Luminiferous”. Check out the full play list below:

1. SLAYER – Repentless *NEW*

2. ERADIKATOR – Mesmerised *NEW*

3. ARTILLERY – Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)

4. GUS G. – Burn *NEW*


5. GUS G. – I Am The Fire

6. SYMPHONY X – Without You *NEW*

7. MOTÖRHEAD – Eat The Rich


9. SATYRICON – Our World Rumbles Tonight

10. FEAR FACTORY – Soul Hacker *NEW*

11. MPIRE OF EVIL – Hellspawn

12. MACHINE HEAD – Aesthetics Of Hate

metalscope-logo13. HIGH ON FIRE – The Sunless Years

14. HIGH ON FIRE – Slave The Hive

15. HIGH ON FIRE – The Dark Side Of The Compass

High On Fire

16. PARADISE LOST – Victims Of The Past

17. JUDAS PRIEST – Battle Cry

18. MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

19. REIGN OF FURY – Sorrow Made Flesh

20. SCARAB – Pyramid Of Illusions



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