Play List: 19/05/14

This week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem from 10am GMT, Tuesday 19th May on featured India’s ALBATROSS on the META(L)SCOPE.

The band’s new album “Fear From The Skies” is set for release on 20th May via Transcending Obscurity India and several tracks were played on the show.

1. ENTRAILS – Obliterate *NEW*

2. STONEGHOST – Raynardine *NEW*

3. DIO – Holy Diver

4. DIO – Rock ‘n’ Roll Children


5. THE DARKNESS – Open Fire

6. ACCEPT – Final Journey

7. DELAIN (Feat. Marco Hietala) – Sing To Me


9. MYRATH – Tales Of The Sands

10. SKARLETT RIOT – Divide Us *NEW*

11. DARKOLOGY – Eyes Of The Machine *NEW*

12. SATYRICON – Die By My Hand

13. LAMB OF GOD – Still Echoes *NEW*

14. BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME – The Coma Machine

15. AVERSIONS CROWNS – Earth Steriliser *NEW*

16. DIMMU BORGIR – Endings And Continuations

metalscope-logo17. ALBATROSS – Intro: Advance

18. ALBATROSS – The Raptorsville Fair

19. ALBATROSS – Jugglehead The Clown

20. ALBATROSS – Children Of The Cloud

Albatross21. GORMATHON – Warlords Of Doom

22. IRON MAIDEN – The Wicker Man

23. SCARAB – Serpents Of The Nile

24. STRATOVARIUS -Will The Sun Rise?


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