Play List 21/04/15: Featuring VOICE OF THE SOUL Interview; META(L)SCOPE With SATYRICON

Last week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem was on Tuesday 21st April from 10am GMT as always on

In the first half of the show Middle Eastern metallers VOICE OF THE SOUL featured, along with an interview with mainman Kareem Chehayeb, plus three songs from their new album “Catacombs”.

There were new singles by HELLOWEEN, UNLEASHED, DEFY ALL REASON and SLAYER.  The META(L)SCOPE featured an epic collection of tracks by Norwegian black metal giants SATYRICON from their forthcoming album “Live At The Opera”.

1. HELLOWEEN – Battle’s Won *NEW*

2. KAMELOT – Insomnia *NEW*

3. VOICE OF THE SOUL – Pendulum


4. VOICE OF THE SOUL – Cold Rupture

5. VOICE OF THE SOUL – Defiled

Voice Of The Soul Album Art

6. UNLEASHED – Defenders Of Midgard *NEW*

7. NOCTUM – Temple Of the Living Dead

8. ABSOLVA – It Is What It Is

9. SLAYER – When The Stillness Comes *NEW*

10. DEFY ALL REASON – Midnight Train *NEW*

11. KISKE/SOMERVILLE – City Of Heroes

metalscope-logo12. SATYRICON – Voice Of Shadows

13. SATYRICON – Now Diabolical

14. SATYRICON – Repined Bastard Nation

15. SATYRICON – Mother North


16. PARADISE LOST – Honesty In Death


18. DEE SNIDER – Desperado

19. DIO – Man On The Silver Mountain

20. DREAM EVIL – Mean Machine

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