Play List 03/03/15: “We Are The Fire” Special Starring GUS G. And ARTHEMIS

This week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem was on from 10am GMT on Tuesday 3rd March and was a “We Are The Fire” Special!

GUS G. and ARTHEMIS were featured, both with interviews recorded at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham UK, on the first date of the “We Are The Fire” European Tour 2015. Also on the META(L)SCOPE were influential NWOBHM legends WEAPON UK with tracks from their latest album “Rising From The Ashes”.  Check out the full play list below:

1. THE DARKNESS – Barbarian *NEW*

2. GUS G. (Feat. David Ellefson) – Vengeance


3. Gus G. (Feat. DEVOUR THE DAY) – I Am The Fire

4. Gus G. (Feat . Mats Levén) – My Will Be Done

5. Gus G. (Feat. Alexia Rodriguez) – Long Way Down


6. FIREWIND – Remembered

7. ENSLAVED – One Thousand Years Of Rain *NEW*

metalscope-logo8. WEAPON UK – Warrior

9. WEAPON UK – Wonderland

10. WEAPON UK – Bad Reputation

Weapon UK

11. WOLF – Missing In Action

12. LANCER – Masters And Crowns *NEW*

13. METALIUM – Smoke On The Water

14. ARTHEMIS – Scars On Scars


15. ARTHEMIS – Vortex


16. RHINO’S REVENGE – Tomorrow Is Today *NEW*

17. BIOTOXIC WARFARE – Dysphoric Reality

18. DIO – Sacred Heart

19. HATE – Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Wrath!

20. ENSIFERUM – Two Of Spades



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