Play List 10/02/15: WOLF Special Featuring Richard Holmgren, Anders Modd

This week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 10th February featured Swedish metallers WOLF, with selected tracks from newest album “Devil Seed” and an interview recorded last week in Sheffield, with drummer Richard Holmgren and bass player Anders Modd.

Also on the show on the META(L)SCOPE featured Finnish folk metallers ENISFERUM with tracks from their upcoming album “One Man Army”. Check out the full play list below:


1. WINTERSUN – Winter Madness

2. SOILWORK – This Momentary Bliss *NEW*

3. DIGGETH – See You In Hell

4. WOLF – Overture In C Shark

5. WOLF – Shark Attack


Richard Holmgren, Anders Modd - WOLF, Sheffield 2015

Richard Holmgren, Anders Modd – WOLF, Sheffield 2015

6. WOLF – Skeleton Woman

7. WOLF – Frozen

8. PLANET OF ZEUS – Burn This City Down

8. BIOTOXIC WARFARE – Parasitic Life

9. ACCEPT – Dark Side Of My Heart

10. ATTACKER – Zero Hour


11. ENSLAVED – Thurisaz Dreaming *NEW*

12. KNOCK OUT KAINE – 16 Grams Of Heart Attack *NEW*

13. DRAGONFORCE – Ring Of Fire

metalscope-logo14. ENISFERUM – One Man Army *NEW*

15. ENISFERUM – Heathen Horde *NEW*

16. ENISFERUM – Axe Of Judgement *NEW*


17. GORMATHON – Into Oblivion

18. SCARAB – Pyramid Of Illusions

19. MORBID ANGEL – Evil Spells

20. MERCYFUL FATE – Come To The Sabbath

21. WHITESNAKE – Love Ain’t No Stranger

22. MEMORY GARDEN – The Evangelist

Memory Garden


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