Play List 21/10/14: Featuring PANZER Interview With SCHMIER

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem show on Tuesday 21st October on at 10am GMT featured  an interview with vocalist and bass player SCHMIER from German thrash giants DESTRUCTION and now also the new metal trio PANZER. The band is completed by Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann, best known for their work with the mighty ACCEPT.

The META(L)SCOPE featured DIGGETH and new tracks from PANZER, METAL MACHINE, DEATHSTARS and RAM. Check out the play list:

1. METAL MACHINE – Morning Star *NEW*

2. WOLF – Missing In Action

3. AMON AMARTH – Father Of The Wolf

4. PANZER – Panzer *NEW*



5. DESTRUCTION – Spiritual Genocide

6. ACCEPT – Stampede

7. NORTHERN OAK – Of Roots And Flesh

8. RAGE – Anybody Home

9. BLACK WOLF – Kiss The Fire

10. DEATHSTARS – The Perfect Cult *NEW*


11. GAMMA RAY – Hellbent

metalscope-logo12. DIGGETH – Downhill

13. DIGGETH – Kings Of The Underworld

14. DIGGETH – See You In Hell


15. ALESTORM – The Battle Of Cartagena

16. HELLOWEEN – Long Live The King

17. RAM – Welcome To My Funeral *NEW*

18. EXODUS – Salt The Wound

19. ABSOLVA – Never Back Down


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