Play List 09/09/14: “Devil Seed Special Show” With WOLF’s Niklas Stålvind

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 9th September at was a “Devil Seed Special Show”, featuring Swedish metallers WOLF‘s new album “Devil Seed” (in total) and special guest WOLF vocalist and guitarist Niklas Stålvind. Check out the play list below:

1. WOLF – Speed On

Devil Seed

2. Surgeons Of Lobotomy

*Interview With Niklas Stålvind Part 1*

3. Overture In C Shark

4. Shark Attack

5. Skeleton Woman

*Interview With Niklas Stålvind Part 2*

Nik Stalvind

6. Missing In Action (Bonus Track)

7. Rocka Rolla (Bonus Track)

8. My Demon

9. I Am Pain

10. Killing Floor

11. Frozen

12. Back From The Grave

13. The Dark Passenger

*Interview With Niklas Stålvind Part 3*

14. River Everlost

*       *         *       *        *        *

15. THRESHOLD – Turned To Dust *NEW*

16. ACCEPT – Wanna Be Free

17. BLACKWOLF – Keep Moving On

18. NOBLE BEAST – The Noble Beast

19. JUDAS PRIEST – Battle Cry




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