Play List 19/08/14: Thrash Invasion Special Show

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem is back! Today’s show (Tuesday 19th August) on was a Thrash Invasion Special Show featuring the three bands from the recent Thrash Invasion UK Tour – ONSLAUGHT, ARTILLERY and DEMONIC RESURRECTION.

Check out the Play List below:

1. ONSLAUGHT – A New World Order

2. ONSLAUGHT – Chaos Is King

3. ONSLAUGHT – Fuel For My Fire

*Interview With Nige Rockett*

4. ONSLAUGHT – 6 6 Fucking 6

5. ARTILLERY – Chill My Bones

*Interview With Michael Stützer Hansen*

6. ARTILLERY – Legions



8. DEMONIC RESURRECTION – Trail Of Devastation

*Interview With Demonstealer*

9. DEMONIC RESURRECTION – Architect Of Destruction

metalscope-logo*NEW RELEASE – ACCEPT “Blind Rage”*

10. ACCEPT – Stampede

11. ACCEPT – Wanna Be Free

12. ACCEPT – Final Journey

13. PRIMITIV – Taurus

14. WOLF – Speed On

15. KREATOR – People Of The Lie

Blind Rage



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