Play List 17/06/14: ‘Vicious Monster Show’ Featuring AZOOMA

This week’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem on Tuesday 17th June was a special show, the first half dedicated to Persian progressive death metallers AZOOMA.

The show  featured AZOOMA ‘s new EP, “A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster”, which is released on June 15th via Xtreem Music. There was also  an exclusive interview with the band’s vocalist Shahin. Check out the play list below:


2. SABATON – Back In Control

3. AZOOMA – Preface

4. AZOOMA – Chapter I: Self-Inflected

5. AZOOMA – Chapter II: Eridanus Supervoid

Azooma Vicious Monster Show


7. AZOOMA – Chapter III: Encapsulated Delusion

8. DEATH ANGEL – Dawn Of The Angry

9. AZOOMA – Chapter IV: Gyrocompass

10. AZOOMA – Appendix

11. HELL – Gehennae Incendiis

12. HELL – Harbinger Of Death

13. SONIC SYNDICATE – Before You Finally Break

14. EVIL MASQUERADE – Sign Of The Times

15. MEMORY GARDEN – The Evangelist

16. WINTERSUN – Death And The Healing

17. NOBLE BEAST – We Burn

18. FIREWIND – Circle Of Life

19. NERVECELL – Imprint

20. INSOMNIUM – The Primeval Dark

21. SAXON – And The Bands Played On

22. WOLF – Transylvanian Twilight



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