Play List: 28/01/14

Today’s Blackdiamond‘s Metal Mayhem on played several new releases by bands such as SOULFLY, PROMETHIUM and AMON AMARTH. Get in touch if there are tracks you would like to hear! Check out the full list below:

1. SOULFLY – Ayatollah Of Rock ‘N’ Rolla

2. PROMETHIUM – Won’t Break Me

3. DIO – Dream Evil

4. TYR – Mare Of My Night

5. WOLF – Whisky Psycho Hellions


6. AMON AMARTH – Father Of The Wolf

7. THAUROROD – Tales Of The End

8. GAMMA RAY – Land Of The Free

9. MYRATH – Requiem For A Goodbye

10. CHROME DIVISION – Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow



12. SLAYER – Screaming From The Sky

13. MEMORY GARDEN – Daughters Of The Sea

14. AEON – Still They Pray

15. MOTLEY CRUE – Use It Or Lose It


16. NOCTEM – Temple Of The Living Dead

17. BATTLE BEAST – Enter The Metal World

18. FIREWIND – Head Up High

19. TWISTED SISTER – Day Of The Rocker

20. LAMB OF GOD – Ghost Walking

21. HOLY GRAIL – The Blackest Night

22. MEGADETH – The Skull Beneath The Skin (demo)



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