ICED EARTH Special Show Play List: 21/01/14

Today’s Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem was special for two reasons – it was the first one on the all new and three quarters of the show was dedicated to metallers ICED EARTH.

Iced Earth show

Interviews were also a feature of the show – with vocalist Stu Block, Metal Shock Finland Chief Editor Mohsen Fayyazi and drummer Raphael Saini who played on the new album “Plagues Of Babylon.”Check out the play list below:

1. Plagues Of Babylon

2. Democide

3. The Culling

* Interview With Mohsen Fayyazi *


4. Among The Living Dead

* Interview With Stu Block *


5. Resistance

* Interview With Raphael Saini *

Raphael Saini ICED EARTH

Raphael Saini

6. Peacemaker

7. Wolf

8. The End

9. 1776

10. MARTIRIA – Grim Reaper

11. GRAND MAGUS – Steel Versus Steel

12. BENEVOLENT – The Seeker

13. SEPULTURA – Manipulation Of Tragedy

14. MOTORHEAD – Fire, Fire

15. BLOODY HAMMERS – Path Of Sorrows

16. JUDAS PRIEST – Exciter

17. SYMPHONY X – The Sacrifice

IcedEarthLogo [Converted]


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