Play List: 08/10/13

Some great new tracks were played on Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem today on including “The Age Of Nefarious,” from the upcoming highly anticipated “Curse And Chapter”album by HELL.

A few mic problems occurred, but they were resolved to some extent so all these awesome bands could be talked about! Check out the play list:


1. HELL – Overture Themes From Deathsquad

2. HELL – The Age Of Nefarious *NEW*

3. EVILE – Time No More

4. NOCTUM – Temple Of The Living Dead *NEW*

5. WOLF – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper


6. FINNTROLL – Ett Norrskensdad

7. HOLY GRAIL – Crisis In Utopia

8. THAUROROD – Cursed In The Past

9. OVERKILL – The Head And The Heart

10. MERCYFUL FATE – Welcome Princess Of Hell


11. JORN – Kill The King

12. RAINBOW – Starstruck

13. TESTAMENT – Dog Faced Gods

14. HAIL OF BULLETS – Pour Le Merite *NEW*

15. DIMMU BORGIR – Dimmu Borgir


16. CIVIL WAR – Rome Is Falling

17. IN FLAMES – Ropes

18. KREATOR – United In Hate

19. MOTORHEAD – Boogeyman

20. MORBID ANGEL – Blasphemy


21. IRON SAVIOR – The Savior


23. ZODIAC – Downtown *NEW*

24. JUDAS PRIEST – Better By You, Better Than Me

25. RAM – This Is The End


26. RAVEN – Don’t Need Your Money

27. MERCYFUL FATE – To One Far Away


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