Play List 14/05/13: HOLY DIVER Special Show; A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio, Contributions From Simon Wright And Wolf Hoffmann

Today’s show was a tribute to the legendary Ronnie James Dio who sadly passed away on 16th May 2010 aged 67, but left us with his outstanding music to live on forever.

The first part of the show was dedicated to the DIO album “Holy Diver,” played in its entirety. Also included were some words about Ronnie from ACCEPT guitar legend Wolf Hoffmann.

The second part of the show had part of my interview with DIO drummer Simon Wright, now with DIO DISCIPLES and QUEENSRYCHE. Of course as many awesome songs as possible were played in the 2 hour show! R.I.P. Ronnie \m/

Dio - Holy Diver [Front]

Holy Diver Album

1. Stand Up And Shout

2. Holy Diver

3. Gypsy

4. Caught In The Middle

5. Don’t Talk To Strangers

6. Straight Through The Heart

7. Invisible

8. Rainbow In The Dark

9. Shame On The Night

*  *  *  *  *  *



10. Heaven And Hell



11. Night People

12. Man On The Silver Mountain

13. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children

14. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll

15. We Rock

16. Killing The Dragon

17. Dream Evil

18. The Last In Line

19. Stargazer

20. I Speed At Night



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