Play List 07/05/13: Featuring Interviews With DELAIN And AMORPHIS, Tribute To Jeff Hanneman

Today’s METAL MAYHEM had to include a tribute to SLAYER‘s Jeff Hanneman who sadly passed away last week on the 2nd May, R.I.P. Jeff \m/


1. SLAYER – South Of Heaven

2. SLAYER – Seasons In The Abyss

3. BLACK SABBATH – God Is Dead

4. DELAIN – Are You Done With Me?

DELAIN Interview with Charlotte Wessels, Part One


5. DELAIN – Breathe On Me

DELAIN Interview Part Two

6. DELAIN – We Are The Others


8. SLAYER – Raining Blood

9. CHILDREN OF BODOM – Transference

10. SAXON – Redline

11. ORCHID – Mouths Of Madness

12. AMORPHIS – The Wanderer

AMORPHIS Interview with Tomi Joutsen

Tomi Joutsen / Amorphis 2013 Photo by Terhi Ylimäinen

13. AMORPHIS – Sky Is Mine

14. HELLOWEEN – Waiting For The Thunder

15. SLAYER – Die By The Sword


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